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Bar-Ray Vari-Weight Protective Apron

Designed to handle greater weight distribution, the Vari-Weight is our most popular apron style. The Vari-Weight attaches to the body with two fully adjustable Velcro straps. The straps cross over the back and attach at the front waist area, keeping the apron securely in place on the shoulders. Pads in the shoulders provide extra comfort.
Bar-Ray Vari-Flex Protective Apron

When you need an apron with greater back support and weight distribution capabilities, the Vari-Flex provides the comfort and ease of wear in one design. Two fully adjustable Velcro straps with elastic in the rear flaps cross over the back, wrap snugly around the hips and attach to the front waist area. Velcro shoulder straps keep the apron from slipping off the shoulders. Shoulder pads offer extra cushioning.
Bar-Ray Wide Belt Protective Apron

Longer procedures can take a toll on your back. The fully adjustable, 6-inch-wide, elastic back saver web belt, with a buckle closure, offers front torso, lower body protection and back support where you need it. Shrug your shoulders and adjust the belt to obtain a comfortable fit. To reduce slippage during long procedures, Velcro shoulder straps secure the apron across the upper back. Shoulder pads provide added comfort.
Bar-Ray Standard Protective Apron

This classic Standard apron features durable, 1-inch-wide straps that tie at the waist for a comfortable, secure fit. Sturdy Velcro straps secure the apron on the shoulders, preventing slippage during procedures. Shoulder pads give comfort and reduce fatigue in the shoulder region.
Bar-Ray Deluxe Protective Apron

The Deluxe provides comfort during long procedures and features an easy on-off design. The fully adjustable, 2-inch-wide web belt, available in your choice of Velcro or buckle closure, offers front torso and lower body protection. Shrug your shoulders and adjust the belt to obtain a comfortable fit. A Velcro shoulder strap eliminates slippage from the shoulder region, while shoulder pads provide added comfort.
Bar-Ray Economy Protective Apron

Affording the same level of protection as our Standard, the Economy makes an economical option for radiology settings. Sturdy 1-inch-wide straps tie at the waist for a secure fit. A Velcro shoulder strap keeps the apron in place on the shoulders and prevents slippage during procedures. Cushioned shoulder pads offer comfort and reduce fatigue of the shoulders.
Bar-Ray O.R. Flex Protective Apron

Ideal for use in surgical settings, Velcro tabs on the O.R. Flex permit quick removal without compromising the sterile environment of the O.R. To release the apron, an assistant unhooks the Velcro tabs at the shoulders, enabling the apron to drop to the floor. Incorporating the stretch back design of the Vari-Flex, the apron weight of the O.R. Flex is transferred from shoulders to waist, minimizing fatigue in the back and neck areas. Shoulder pads provide comfort during use.
Bar-Ray Surgical Drop-Off Protective Apron

Designed specifically for use in the O.R., the Surgical Drop-Off can be easily removed from underneath surgical gowns without compromising the sterile environment. The apron is held in place with two straps that overlap the back and attach securely to the front waist and hip region of the apron with Velcro tabs. To remove the apron, simply release the Velcro straps at the waist and allow the apron to slide off the body. Shoulder pads provide comfort during use.
Bar-Ray Economy Stretch Belt Protective Apron

Especially suited to individuals with shorter torsos, the Economy Stretch Belt was designed with comfort and custom fitting in mind. The 2-inch-wide, back saver web buckle belt is fully adjustable. Padded elastic inserts in the belt ease lower back strain. Velcro shoulder straps keep the garment in place during use, while shoulder pads provide cushioning support.
Bar-Ray Comfort Wrap Around Protective Apron

For complete protection against scatter radiation, the Comfort Wrap makes an ideal choice for individuals who prefer a comfortable, solid one-piece design. Unlike Velcro closures on a standard wrap around that can snag clothes and are difficult to align, the Comfort Wrap contains only a minimal amount of Velcro required to keep the apron securely in place during use. Shoulder pads are included.

Additional features of the Comfort Wrap include:

 -  A full frontal overlap and over-the-shoulder closure system

 -  An inside buckle to prevent the inner panel from sagging

 -  Wide belt attachment that, when adjusted correctly, evenly transfers the weight from shoulders to hips